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We change the game for our clients.

Crypto One is a leading provider of customised Business Process Management (BPM) services. Crypto One specialises in helping customers stay ahead of the curve through transformational solutions in order to re-imagine business processes and deliver increased efficiency, deeper insights and superior outcomes.

At, Crypto One ,we help transform and grow our clients’ business by solving business challenges. As trusted custodians and long-term partners to some of the world’s leading brands, this means offering solutions that are ‘game changing’ to their businesses.

We challenge briefs and ask the questions others won’t, working on outcome-based principles to deliver game changing results for our clients and their customers.

Put simply, we solve business challenges and deliver on our promises.

Rewards Program & C1 Club Card

 With the Rewards Card you will benefit with great discounts and rewards.

    Members get 10% to 50% discount on purchases from close to 1000 Discount

    Partners and at the same time earning great rewards and points.

•  You will accumulate points with a MONETARY value by using your card at a

    wide variety of Points Partners (Multi Spectrum Program). Points can be

    redeemed for anything to that monetary value.

•  Members have access to more than 800 accommodation venues, 170

    restaurants, travel, auto motive, leisure and MANY more, some offering up to

    50% on-the-spot discount.

•  Many additional services such as Legal Assistance, Income Protections,

    Travel Assistance, Roadside and Home Assist etc. that would empower

    people to stretch your hard earned Rands.

Some of our partners are listed below:

C1 Training Facility
Sales Training Course
For those brave souls who dream of an exciting career in sales, we know that it is not always an easy journey, and sometimes you need a few extra skills to get the one-up on your competition. The sales training IMPRESS program can help your sales people take all of their skills, modify them, add some new ones, and make everything consistent.
After training you are equipped with? 
• The ability to personally connect with your customers 
• A sales action plan • How to qualify and present values 
• The ability to make cold calls 
• An understanding of how to prospect 
• How to overcome buying resistance 
• How to set forward actions 
 • Time management skills
Check out our Youtube Channel : C1 SA